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Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars

If you haven’t seen the 30 second Intel advertisement, “Sponsors of Tomorrow,” check it out now. It’s an effective teaser video for the life work of Ajay Bhatt at Intel, where he currently serves as “Chief Client Platform Architect.” Ajay is the the co-inventor of USB.

I referenced this in my presentation last Monday, “Communicating in the Digital Age.” Along with the newly announced “Computer Engineer” Barbie, perhaps media campaigns like Intel’s as well as toys will help change student perceptions about how COOL it is to be a geek.

Computer Engineer Barbie photo

GirlGeeks has been seeking to do this for girls and women since 1998. Programs like GenYES can help promote these changes within your school, for boys and girls.

The theme of the PodStock 2010 education conference in Wichita, Kansas is, “I Wanna Be a Technology Rock Star!”

PodStock 2010: July 16 - 17

Boy Scout camp in Colorado at Camp Alexander will keep me from attending PodStock this year, but I wish I could be there! How many of the learners in your school want to be technology rock stars?! Perhaps you could share and discuss this video about Ajay Bhatt and help students understand there are “stars” in our society BESIDES sports stars. With all the recent, negative press Tiger Woods has created, this might be a valuable way to re-direct student “star” attention, at least for awhile.

I learned about the “Sponsors of Tomorrow” video by reading the November 2009 FastCompany article, “Intel Risks It All (Again.)” I’ve added this video to my “Videos for PD” blog page under the “humor” category.

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