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Technology Trends in Higher Education (April 2010)

These are my presentation slides for my keynote this morning at the Oklahoma Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The title of my presentation is, “Technology Trends in Higher Education.” Depending on how the PollEveryWhere survey goes at the start, I may or may not get to all these topics. It always pays to be over-prepared, however, and since I have an hour and a half to share ideas with attendees I don’t want to run out of material. With these slides and included videos I don’t think that’s likely! 🙂 These are the 10 trends I’ll discuss:

  1. Tablets
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Social Media
  4. Laptops / Mobile Devices
  5. Online Publishing
  6. Multimedia Texts
  7. Online Video
  8. Digital Footprints
  9. Open Licensing / OER
  10. Visual Communication

Two of the best resources to reference when trying to predict technology trends in higher education are the 2010 Horizon Report and the 4.0 version of the video, “Did You Know.” I’ve included both as references in today’s presentation.

ADDITION: I had to change my PollEveryWhere question. Originally I was going to ask attendees if they wanted to learn how to do some specific things (create a personalized digital newspaper, create an online survey, and make a screencast.) The presenter’s computer in the auditorium here at Northeastern State University must be located at the back of the room, however, so that is not conducive to a hands-on demo. As a result, I’ll stick with my slides today which I’ve thankfully downloaded (along with videos) to Keynote.

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  1. Angel K Avatar
    Angel K

    Wes – Thanks for an amazing presentation! We were so glad to have you on campus today!