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Social, economic and cultural commentary via remixed multimedia: Meet DJ Spooky

What does the “War on Terror,” jazz, manufactured consent, hip-hop music, remix culture, Led Zepplin, globalization, Radio Head, contemporary Iranian music responding to recent alleged electoral fraud, and a 1924 film commissioned by the Soviet government have in common? These are all themes included in the latest album and DVD project, “The Secret Song” by Paul D. Miller, AKA DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid. In this eight minute YouTube video, Paul explains the eclectic inspirations which led to this amazing art and music project:

Paul thinks “art and music are compellingly connected,” and I think he’s right. Artists and social commentators have always used juxtaposition to encourage us to view our world with new eyes, or at least with new lenses. If your students think politics, economics and history are simple topics, introduce them to DJ Spooky’s view of current affairs and challenge them to thoughtfully respond. I’m sure Paul would welcome the feedback. 🙂

H/T to my mom who saw and heard DJ Spooky on April 9th in Manhattan, Kansas, when he performed at McCain Auditorium on the campus of Kansas State University.

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