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Conan on the iPad

I watch almost zero television these days, but thanks to this Open Culture post I was able to watch 45 minutes of Conan O’Brien from his visit to Google last week. I watched this as a full screen video on my iPad. This is the future of TV, today.

Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

How appropriate his tour is called the “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour.”

Since the iPad doesn’t show YouTube embed code when you watch videos, I used this Tools 4 Noobs page to generate the embed code. A little tedious, but not horrible. The iPad is not a phenomenal blogging platform at this point, but it is much better than the iPhone because of the larger keyboard size.

This afternoon when my wife was watching TV, she actually reached for the screen to “pinch” part of the image and make it larger. I think that’s a clear sign she has grown very accustomed to Apple’s multitouch technology on her iPhone! We are not able to pinch and resize images on our TV, but we can on our phones and tablets. The future of TV watching is more interactive than ever before. It’s also (I hope, like my experience watching Conan today) mostly advertisement-free. That is exciting indeed.

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