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Delete iPad photos with Image Capture

I take a LOT of screenshots with my iPad, and a fair number with my iPhone as well. Anything on the screen of an iOS device can be captured as a photo by pressing the power and home buttons on the device simultaneously. Often I post these screenshots to my Flickr account, using the Flickr app, or post them to my Posterous blog via email. Sometimes I cross-post those messages from Posterous here. The result of all these screenshots is that my iPad and iPhone photo library gets filled with images I’ve already used and do NOT want to import into iPhoto.

When you import an image into iPhoto you’re given an opportunity to delete the photo afterwards. You CANNOT simply delete photos from your iOS device from within iPhoto, however, unless you import them first. This situation can be solved with the free application “Image Capture” which comes pre-installed on all Apple computers running Mac OS X.

Delete iOS images with Image Capture

As shown in the Skitch-annotated screenshot above, after plugging in your iPad (or other iOS device) and launching “Image Capture” (which you’ll find in the Applications folder) you can delete all or some of the photos on your device by selecting them and using the delete button at the bottom of the screen. This is a very speedy and handy way to delete unwanted photos without importing them into iPhoto.

Is there a comparable, free program included or available for Windows computers which can serve a similar function to quickly delete (without importing) photos on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone?

H/T to Colin Devroe.

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2 responses to “Delete iPad photos with Image Capture”

  1. Dgrad07 Avatar

    This is great considering it’s the only automatic way to delete all that I’ve been able to find, but if anyone discovers a faster alternative please let me know.  This is taking much longer than I would think it should.