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Oklahoma Students Deserve Your YES Vote on SQ 744

In this 90 second video, Oklahoma parent and educator, Wesley Fryer, explains why students in our state deserve your YES vote on State Question 744.

For additional background on SQ 744, see Wesley’s October 28th post, “The Backstory of Oklahoma State Question 744” as well as November 1st podcast, “State Question 744 and Oklahoma Education Funding.”

If you live in the United States, PLEASE go to the polls on November 2nd. If you are an Oklahoma voter, vote YES on State Question 744. The best way we can spend our public tax dollars today is by investing in the educational future of our students and our communities. State question 744 will force our legislators to spend an equitable amount on our Oklahoma schools and for our Oklahoma students compared to our neighboring states. Our students deserve it, and we need it if we are going to thrive as a state in the 21st century.

2008-2009 average educational spending per pupil in Oklahoma and surrounding states

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