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International Collaboration and Bluetooth Prosthetics in Oklahoma #cwf2010

The Oklahoma Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park in Oklahoma City has an amazing, diverse array of international scientists, engineers, and researchers. Dr Michael Anderson addressed a group of international guests attending the Creativity World Forum on November 18, 2010, and provided background about the dynamic ways PHF Research Park is catalyzing innovation in Oklahoma and internationally. This includes the development of a prosthetic arm controlled via bluetooth: The user can literally think a command and their prosthetic arm will do their bidding via a wireless bluetooth connection! In this 3.5 minute video, Dr. Anderson explains how PHF Research Park is a mecca of international, scientific collaboration in Oklahoma, and discusses the bluetooth-controlled bionic arm featured in the January 2010 issue of National Geographic magazine. It was developed right here, in Oklahoma.

Are you thinking Oklahoma is old school? Think again. This is as high tech as it gets! Are you and other teachers at your school preparing your students for their high tech future, today? What’s described by Dr. Anderson in this video isn’t theoretical about the future: It’s today’s technology. Are pencils still the predominant technology in your classroom? When is your school giving every student and teacher a laptop for learning? Is your school still banning all mobile devices for students? When is your school board going to adopt policies which hold students accountable for their behavior, and help them learn the vital skills of digital citizenship as well as self-discipline? When is your school board going to embrace balanced content filtering for Internet use? We live in transformationally dynamic times. We need to move forward with REGULAR collaboration and project-based work in our classrooms to prepare students for the high-tech PRESENT.

bionic arm featured in the January 2010 National Geographic magazine

Learn more about the incredible work being done at PHF Research Park by reading their recently released PHF Research Park Action Report. (PDF)

Many thanks to Jim Mason, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative, for leading our fantastic tour today.

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