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Stay Connected and Stay Warm with the Media Muff

Today during our family “Black Friday” outing to Independence Mall just outside Kansas City, I met Loyd Jackson. Loyd is the inventor of the Media Muff. As a deer hunter, Loyd found himself wanting a way to text on his cell phone but keep his hands warm up in a deer stand. After experimenting with different designs, the Media Muff was born.

The Media Muff

I interviewed Loyd about the Media Muff at his booth in Independence Mall and learned a bit more about the product and it’s development. He worked with a Kansas City manufacturing company who outsourced production of his first 1000 media muffs to China. He’s hoping to sell his inventory this holiday season, and then work with a California-based manufacturer to ramp up production in multiple colors. This video interview runs 1 minute and 22 seconds.

As my mom pointed out, a great way to expand the media muff user-base would be to sell them in collegiate and pro sports colors! Anyone who is sitting outside and watching a sports game in cold weather (or waiting for a deer to walk by) would probably love the media muff. Learn more about the Media Muff (and contact Loyd to order one, he’s selling them at Independence Mall for $20 each) on

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