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Smartphones on the rise, Apple v Google Approaches

Here is a wow statistic from the outstanding article, “APPLE V GOOGLE | More Intelligent Life.”

By the end of 2011 smartphones will outsell ordinary phones, and by 2012 they will outsell PCs. Cloud computing may well replace the system whereby our photos, songs, documents and everything else lived on our own personal devices.

This is one of the best articles I’ve read to date on the differences between Apple and Google, and provides good food for thought. Did you realize Android handsets started outselling iPhones in late 2010? No one can predict with certainty how the smartphone market will change in the years ahead with respect to operating systems, but it does seem incontrovertible that the smartphone market will continue to explode.

Are you publishing content yet which is optimized for the mobile web? If not, when are you planning to start?

Posterous and Tumblr are great, free platforms to use for mobile-web friendly publishing.

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  1. Scott Weidig Avatar
    Scott Weidig

    Personally, I am. That was a side benefit of moving to a WordPress blog. Mobile formatting is triggered by default. I agree mobile, or some form of mobile OS will begin to dominate the computing landscape over traditional computing formats. I personally welcome it. The ability to be connected with your own personal computing tools at any instant any almost any location on the planet creates a nirvana for possibilities in sharing, communication, expression, and creation.