Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Sunset over a sea of clouds

This evening was a magnificent time to have a window seat on my flight into Memphis, enroute to Montgomery. I don’t think these images can adequately render the spectacular scene I witnessed on our descent into a sea of interlaced clouds, as the red sun set in the west.

I took a short video as we actually descended below the cloud layer. I wish we could have remained just above the clouds longer, because you get an acute sense of speed doing this. I was reminded tonight of the summer of 1990 in Upper Heyford, England, when I had a chance to fly an F-111 right over the cloud deck above the Atlantic. That sensation of speed and control skimming the clouds at over 500 knots IAS was even more exciting than breaking the sound barrier / Mach 1 later in the incentive ride.

What an amazing treat it is to be able to fly, especially on a night such as this!

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