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Brainstorming with Popplet

This evening I used the free iPad app “Popplet Lite” to brainstorm the outline of a book, “Playing With Media: An Invitation to Create, Learn and Share.” Here are the results!

Brainstorming PlayingWithMedia with Popplet

The in-app resolution is a lot better than the exported JPG versions, even at a larger resolution. Hopefully a PDF export will be more readable.

I’ve registered the domain for the book project, and am going to move my current site at over to it. This book and website will (hopefully) complement my BYOL session at ISTE 2011: Simple Ideas for Powerful Sharing.

Have you tried an iPad app for mind mapping and brainstorming? What is your favorite and why? I really like Popplet! The lite version is free, fully featured, and limited to just one file. The $5 full version lets users create multiple files.

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