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Playing with Doink Animation

Randy Rogers (@rrodgers) showed me two awesome animation apps for the iPad on Friday in White Oak at the TCEA Area 7 conference, and I played with the first one a bit tonight. While I readily admit (sheepishly) this simple animation reveals my artistic skills never advanced much beyond the second grade, the fact I made this in about five minutes suggests there are a lot of creative possibilities here! I created this with Doink for iPad and a Pogo stylus. I blogged this from the same iPad using PixelPipe for the video upload to Flickr and BlogPress.

The other iPad animation app Roger showed me (and I bought but haven’t tried yet) is Animation Studio. My girls played a bit yesterday and today with Doink but didn’t make much yet. I’ll be sharing my new learning with them tomorrow. It’s cool how the app lets you create separate drawings as flipbook sequences, and then you can combine them as a “composition.”

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  1. Edi800 Avatar

    Another animation app for the iPad – PhotoPuppet HD – make animated movies on your iPad in no time (there’s a lite version too):