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Undo a Typing Mistake on an iPhone by Shaking It

Did you know your iPhone (with iOS firmware 3.0 and later) has a hidden feature that will let you “undo” a typing mistake in most applications by simply shaking the phone? This is a great trick! Today I was typing a short note about a Bible verse which I posted to the “Eyes Right” blog and also posted to the YouVersion community. I was highlighting my paragraph and accidentally typed a key which replaced all the text I’d just entered! Thankfully, I learned it’s possible to quickly SHAKE your iPhone and bring up a menu choice to UNDO TYPING.

Undo a typing mistake on an iPhone by shaking it

I clicked UNDO TYPING and my paragraph of text was restored to my email message! What a relief!

Hat tip to this YouTube video by AppStoreReviewer for sharing this trick. I found the video by Googling “iphone typing undo.” I cross-posted my note to my WordPress blog from the YouVersion Bible app using email and a free Posterous blog. The free daily Bible reading plans on the YouVersion Bible app are outstanding and a great way to “read the Word” each day! I also learned today the YouVersion site and app creates a publicly viewable “activity feed” which includes verses you bookmark, comments by other users you like, and comments you make (and “attach”) to specific verses. Very cool.

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2 responses to “Undo a Typing Mistake on an iPhone by Shaking It”

  1. Ronald Wolfe Avatar
    Ronald Wolfe

    I love the YouVersion Bible app! I use several plans like reading through the Bible and devotional plans. I too take notes or make notes and i am glad to learn this typing trick!! What is your favorite plan?

  2. Britt Pumphrey Avatar
    Britt Pumphrey

    Works on the iPad too! Thanks.