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Explaining Telecommunications Convergence and Its Opportunities via Video

What’s the untold epiphany that inspires your project? The Internet is the ideal platform for sharing experiences. These and other messages are included in the 4.5 minute video, “How the Internet Is Changing Advertising” by Epipheo Studios. This video isn’t just about marketing. It’s about technological and communications convergence, the ways we’re increasingly processing digital, hyperlinked information, and about the opportunities we each have today to become Storychasers and digital storytellers as we’re playing with media. Take a look. This is well crafted.

As a related aside to these topics, The National Building Museum in Washington D.C. recently contacted me about licensing the image below of our kids on a Saturday morning a few years ago. They want to use it in a new animated video about entertaining in the American home and how it has changed over the years.

The replacement for Saturday morning cartoons

It’s interesting to note today, on this Saturday morning, how in just a few short years we’ve moved from laptops to iPads, iPhones, and Netflix on a television-based game system for entertainment. It’s time for a new “Replacement for Saturday morning Cartoons” photo!

It’s also time to GO OUTSIDE!

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2 responses to “Explaining Telecommunications Convergence and Its Opportunities via Video”

  1. Gina Clifford Avatar

    iPod Touches and iPads are quickly supplanting laptops at home and in schools. Apple’s new iOS 5 will make iPads autonomous, taking them yet another step toward replacing physical keyboard devices!

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