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Storychasing Follow Me Sunday with an iPad2 and iRig Mic

We need to encourage more people to become “storychasers” modeling ethical, responsible, and constructive uses of social media technologies. Storychasers can and should utilize mobile videography tools and “quick edit” journalism platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and blogging websites to document causes and events in our communities. This post features some examples of this kind of media sharing.

Storychasing "Follow Me Sunday" with the iPad2 and iRig Mic

Today was “Follow Me Sunday” at our church in Edmond, Oklahoma. This meant during the Sunday school hour, people of all ages were invited to our “great hall” to visit with different people involved in a diverse array of outreach ministries in our local community as well as around the world. I brought my iPad2 and iRig microphone, and with the help of my son (who was my videographer) conducted nine interviews with different outreach / ministry / mission leaders. Here are eight of the interviews! This kind of “quick edit videography,” which I discuss at length in my eBook, “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing,” supports “the ethic of minimal clicks.” Since these kinds of videos can be recorded, edited in minor ways, and shared online with a minimum of required clicks, it’s far easier to share this kind of media than it has been in the past. One result is we can record and share MORE media like this than we have in the past. I posted these as separate posts on “Eyes Right” from my iPad via a Posterous “cross-posting” blog, and also linked them on our church’s Facebook page.

Uganda Mission 2011

An interview with Tom Langdon who helped lead a summer 2011 mission trip to Uganda from Edmond, Oklahoma. Learn more on:

Team Kenya 2011

This is an interview with Robert Menja who helps lead Upendo Kids International, a mission outreach program to Kenya from Oklahoma. Learn more on:

The Importance of Student Ministries

An interview with Brian Wagner, Director of Student Ministries at First Presbyterian Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, about the importance of student ministries. Learn more on:

Turning Point Ministries: Building Homes for Single Moms In Edmond

This is an interview with Bob Turner on August 28, 2011, about the work of Turning Point Ministries in Edmond, Oklahoma. Turning Point works with and builds homes for single mothers in Edmond, Oklahoma, who otherwise would not be able to own their own homes. Learn more on:

Edmond Community Thanksgiving Dinner

For 30 years, people and churches in Edmond, Oklahoma, have come together to provide a meal for others at Thanksgiving. This ministry and outreach project is The Edmond Community Thanksgiving Dinner. In this interview on August 28, 2011, Mike Laska shares the background of the event and how people can get involved this year to help.

Cooks Night Out In Edmond, Oklahoma

Cooks Night Out is an outreach ministry of churches in Edmond, Oklahoma. In this interview from August 28, 2011, Sarah Montgomery explains the regular dinner is somewhere between a soup kitchen and a church potluck. It is for needy families in the Edmond community, but also for anyone seeking fellowship and a shared meal together. First Presbyterian Church of Edmond is one congregation which supports Cooks Night Out, and anyone is welcome to join in the work and service!

Coffee Creek Riding Center Of Oklahoma: Therapeutic Horsemanship

Coffee Creek Riding Center provides FREE opportunities for children with disabilities to participate in therapeutic horseback riding. In this interview from August 28, 2011, Don Schiesz explains the work of the center and how volunteers can get involved – even those of us who haven’t been very “horsey” in the past!

Redeeming the Family: Connecting Families Separated By Incarceration

In this interview from August 28, 2011, Holmes and Cheri Fuller explain the important work of the nonprofit Redeeming the Family. By providing opportunities for parents in prison to record encouraging messages on video to their children, the organization is helping Oklahoma families and striving to overcome the challenges faced by the children of incarcerated parents.

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  1. TPowers Avatar

    I completely agree. I think its not only a good idea for people to tell their stories but it allows for such a huge learning opportunity for children. People are so centered on texts books and teaching kids what is needed for the exam that they fail to teach kids about their own history or about the impact one person can make. Allowing kids to go around listening to people’s stories opens up a whole new field of education.