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Puffin Web Browser for Flash Movies on iOS

If you use an iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) you need the Puffin Web Browser. It’s 99¢ and supports Flash-format videos on many sites. Unlike SkyFire, which JUST supports Flash videos, Puffin also supports Flash on many other sites like Webkins. (Skyfire is more expensive too: $3 for the iPhone version and $5 for the iPad version.)

Today I wanted to view a video on ABC News’ website on my iPhone, but the built-in Safari web browser wouldn’t show the content since it’s Flash-based. ABC suggested I download and install their custom app.

Since I already had the Puffin browser installed, instead of downloading the ABC app I just copied the website link and pasted it into Puffin. Seconds later I was watching the video.

It would be nice if the iOS Safari app provided native Flash support. Since it doesn’t, however, it’s great alternative browsers like Puffin are available which do.

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    Has anyone tested if this works for Flash webpages that need the interactivity – ?