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FREE Enhanced eBook for Kids: “Snowflake Gets Lost” by Rachel Fryer

I’m proud to announce the worldwide publication and release today of Rachel Fryer’s first eBook, “Snowflake Gets Lost.” I’m the proud papa of Rachel (age eight) who worked from August 2011 through January 2012 during “writing workshop” time in her 2nd grade class in Oklahoma City Public Schools to author this book. Rachel’s classmate, Madison Bertsch, illustrated the text. The book is available for download in both an enhanced/multimedia version (with embedded audio clips of Rachel reading each part) and a standard eBook version for Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other eReaders. I created the website for Rachel and Madison to distribute their free eBook.

FREE eBook for Kids: "Snowflake Gets Lost" by Rachel Fryer

Rachel brought the handwritten draft of the book along with the illustrations home this past Friday. She was missing one illustration (for part 3) so Madison drew that yesterday and delivered it to our house (with her dad) this afternoon.

Folder for "Snowflake Gets Lost"

Illustrations and Written Drafts

Draft pages of "Snowflake Gets Lost"

Rachel was on “cloud 9” yesterday as we compiled the book together and she recorded the audio for each part. We ended up using RecordPad Sound Recorder to make the audio recordings. In all, for seven “final” recordings Rachel made 35 “takes.” She was very pleased with the final result which she’s shown to all our family on an iPad.

Rachel Recording Audio for "Snowflake Gets Lost"

The download page of currently includes links to download the eBook from ePubBud as well as DropBox. More distribution channels are pending, and we’re going to also create a print version. Rachel and Madison have dedicated the book to their 2nd grade teacher (Mrs. Zahn) and hope to give her a print version for Valentine’s Day on February 14th as a surprise! It’s fantastic ePubBud automatically created a browser-based version of the eBook, which includes the audio recordings of each part. VERY cool!

Snowflake Gets Lost (enhanced/multimedia version) by Rachel C. Fryer - read or download the free ebook online now from ePub Bud!

If you have comments or feedback for Rachel and Madison, please post them on the About page of

Rachel asked me this afternoon if publishing this eBook means she might be able to go on more trips with me to teach teachers about technology. I said, “I bet so!”

Few things rival the excitement of working with your own child when they are “on fire” for writing, reading, creating, and sharing. Long live “the writing workshop” in the classrooms of the world! Mrs. Zahn is a GREAT 2nd grade teacher in Oklahoma City Public Schools, and here’s a published eBook to prove it!

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  1. Cyndi Danner-Kuhn Avatar

    So cool, can’t wait to share this when I do iPad workshops!!  Rachael, I am so proud to know you!!