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iPad Quick Edit Videography (free video PD)

In December 2011 I taught a series of workshops over video which I called, ‘The 12 Days of Playing with Media.” It didn’t end up being twelve actual days, but the series was a success and I enjoyed teaching several of the “core skills” addressed in my eBook, “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing” as a series of interactive videoconferences. I recorded each of these videoconferences, and used the screencasting/video program “Screenflow” to add textual annotations as well as video zooms to improve the quality of each one. Initially I offered these 60 minute videoconferences as 99¢ downloadable podcasts. Relatively few folks bought and downloaded them, however, so a couple months ago I decided to just post all of them online on YouTube for free, since my personal YouTube channel is approved for videos longer than 15 minutes in length. The video below is an edited recording of my December 2011 workshop, “iPad Quick Edit Videography.” In it I primarily review how to use the “iMovie for iPad” app along with a free YouTube channel to publish video. Be sure to check out the curriculum page for “iPad Quick Edit Videography” for additional links and resources.

All of the recorded “12 Days of Playing with Media” videoconference recordings in this series are linked on this YouTube playlist. Please let me know if you utilize any of these recordings and find them useful/helpful. Feel free to not only use these for your own personal/professional development, but also utilize them for school/organizational PD. The ability to create, edit and publish “Quick Edit” videos is an important 21st century literacy skill, and a core skill I hope to help many more students as well as teachers develop through the Storychaser Student Clubs in upcoming months.

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