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Removing Red Eye with the iPhone App Photo Wizard

My iPhone4 is definitely the best camera I’ve ever owned and used, but its habit of creating “red eye” in flash photos is a frequent problem. Thankfully, there are several iPhoneography editing apps which can help. In this post I’ll describe the steps for using the Photo Wizard app ($2) to correct red eye. If you’ve updated to iOS 5.1 on your iPhone, iPhoto ($5) is also an option for this.

My iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Now that I’m an avid Instagram user for my Photo 366 project, I don’t tend to use other apps for filters, cropping and effects as often. Instagram doesn’t do red eye fixes, however, so when you have a photograph like I took tonight (below, uncorrected) you need another app like Photo Wizard to remove the red eye. You can see significant red eye color in Sarah’s eyes in this image.

Original Uncorrected Photo

After selecting a photo from your iPhone photo roll to use in Photo Wizard, choose the TOOLS button at the bottom and select red eye.

Tool Options in Photo Wizard App for iPhone

You can pinch and zoom to select the eye you’d like to correct. Click the check mark in the upper right corner to apply the red eye correction. In the image below, I had corrected the left eye but not the right one yet.

One Eye Corrected, One Still Red

Here you can see the red eye correction applied to the right eye, and see how much better it looks zoomed in.

Red Eye Correction with Photo Wizard

This is the final image, ready for sharing on Instagram to Twitter and Facebook.

Red Eye Corrected Photo

Do you have another iPhone app besides Photo Wizard which you’ve used and like to remove red eye effects? For $2 I think it’s a great app to have and use.

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