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CDR Electronics in Oklahoma City: A GREAT Place to Buy Used iOS Devices & Macs

I owe Adam Zodrow a big debt of gratitude: Last week he told me about CDR Electronics in Oklahoma City. Thanks to that bit of Macintosh-related intel, I was able to purchase a 4th generation, 64 GB iPod today for $230. The same iPod sold new from Apple costs $400. I think I got a great deal!

64 GB 4th Gen iPod Touch: $229

If I’d had an extra $700, I would have also bought the 11″ MacBook Air they had for sale.

11" Macbook Air for $700

Lots of great deals on used Apple hardware, as well as other kinds of electronics. You can bet I’ll be back! If you’re in the market for any iPods, iPads, or iPhones and live in or anywhere near Oklahoma City, I highly recommend you check out CDR Electronics. It’s just off I-240 and Penn, on the south access road. They have a great inventory, and both the prices as well as “feel” of the store are MUCH better than OKC-area pawn shops I’ve visited looking for other electronics deals.

$129 Used 160 GB iPod


64 GB iPad 2 Wifi for $499

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One response to “CDR Electronics in Oklahoma City: A GREAT Place to Buy Used iOS Devices & Macs”

  1. Carmen Young Avatar
    Carmen Young

    WOW!!! These prices for Apple products are amazing. I’m usually not an apple fan, but my Technology instructor has mentioned several times how easy and less complicated things are with Apple products, plus with these prices i might have to jump on board and try to get some items shipped to me!