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First Multi-part Video Tutorial with MentorMob: Community Voices Interview Project

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This semester Storychasers has started a “lessons” section of our project wiki and shared “Community Voices” interview project ideas. Using MentorMob, we’ve created a seven part video tutorial highlighting steps students can follow to successfully plan, record, write about and share an audio interview with a family or community member.

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

I am very pleased with how the embedded version of a “MentorMob playlist” looks on a Google Site, KidBlog site, or WordPress site.

Community Voices Audio Project Tutorial

This is a super way to explain multi-step assignments to students. Once you’ve planned the steps for a MentorMob Tutorial (they call them “playlists”) you either need to find a webpage to link or create a link to use for each step. MentorMob actually provides four different options for each step of a “playlist:” Paste a link, upload a file, write an article (create a webpage), or add a pop quiz.

MentorMob Step Options

Many, MANY thanks to Jackie Gerstein who showed me MentorMob on her computer in Toronto enroute on the bus from the airport to UnPlugd 2012! (Thank goodness we had on-board wifi!) I hope this MentorMob playlist will help the 7th grade students I’m helping at Yukon Middle School complete a Community Voices interview project in their English class.

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One response to “First Multi-part Video Tutorial with MentorMob: Community Voices Interview Project”

  1. Charles Perry Avatar

    “Storychasers” is the best name for a class I’ve heard of lately. “Knowledgebombers” is still my all time favorite.

    Great write-up! I’m glad MentorMob has proved helpful to you.