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Why National Geographic on the iPad is Amazing

I LOVE being able to read National Geographic magazine on my iPad! In so many ways, the iPad version of National Geographic defines the possibilities of engaging multimedia content on digital tablets. I recorded a five minute screencast today to explain and SHOW what I mean when I say, “The iPad app version of National Geographic magazine is AMAZING!” National Geographic on the iPad shows how powerful the combination of print, image, video, and hyperlinked media can be.

Check out the portions of the January 2013 issue I showcased in this video on:

I specifically highlighted the article “Risk Takers” and “The Moment: Fireside Spirit” by Karla Gachet. For more about Karla’s adventures in Ecuador, check out the 4.5 minute NG video, “Amazon Adventure—Documenting Life in Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park.”

This year National Geographic is celebrating 125 years of exploration. They have setup a “hub website” to share a variety of media and articles for the celebration on

An annual print subscription to National Geographic, which INCLUDES the iPad version free, is just $15. What are you waiting for? This is digital journalism at its finest!

Why National Geographic on the iPad is AMAZING!

On a technical note, I recorded this screencast using a Macbook Air, an iPad2, Screenflow and AirServer software.

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6 responses to “Why National Geographic on the iPad is Amazing”

  1. Jason Neiffer Avatar
    Jason Neiffer

    Dead on: This app was the very first application that I think really showed the power of the iPad to present magazine-style content. It manages to be so much more than the print magazine, which is a stunning accomplishment.

  2. Polish translator Warsaw Avatar

    You persuaded me into subscribing to digital magazines. I subscribed to paper version of NG but I can see that media version can be something better and more enjoyable.

  3. Leigh Hynes Avatar
    Leigh Hynes

    Might have to try it! But how will I store these all on the ipad? It will be like having those huge piles of National Geographics that you see in peoples houses only it will cost me to store them in the cloud

  4. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    You just store whatever issues you’ve downloaded to your iPad locally. National Geographic hosts and pays for the ‘cloud storage’ of past issues. After you read one you can delete it, but it’s always available for you to re-download from the cloud if you want. This works just like Amazon Kindle books you purchase. Your entire library is available to download to any of your devices at any time, but you don’t pay for that cloud storage, it’s part of the service the company provides to you. You download what you want, when you want, then delete issues if you want to free up local space on your device. That’s not required, however.

  5. InformED Avatar

    Great review of the iPad National Geographic App. Unfortunately, there are still so many that see the evolution of digital reading devices as a negative but here you show just how interactive it can be. Technology in this case is enhancing the material, not detracting from it.