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Interactively Explore Population Pyramids

Today was the second day of a three-day “Paper Slide Video” project I’m helping a 7th grade geography teacher facilitate. This morning during first period class we recorded a sample paper-slide video (following the rubric we created together) on China’s One Child Policy. For the slides I drew, I utilized the wonderful website It allows users, via a web browser, to not only view the current population pyramid of specific countries, but also select different dates in the past or future to show historic or projected population levels by gender. I love the overall historical population charts at the top as well. I used the population chart information for both China and India on my slides. Definitely check out this website, LOTS of great conversations can ensue with your students!

Population Pyramid of China 2010

Population Pyramid of India - 2010

For additional resources and links related to paper-slide videos, check out the “Quick-Edit Video” page of Mapping Media to the Common Core.

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