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Migrating Podcasts from a Web Host to Amazon S3

Internet Radio Shows can be wonderful sources of inspiration and ideas. Publishing online radio shows, or audio podcasts, can be challenging because of the hosting and “web feed” creation requirements they present, however. Fortunately, web services like Spreaker and Podomatic can streamline these processes, but there are many other workflows Internet radio show creators use to publish podcasts.

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In this 13 minute screencast, I explain and demonstrate the process I’m following to migrate my audio podcasts from a web hosting account to Amazon S3. Specifically, I’ve moved my primary blog (Moving at the Speed of Creativity) to the web host, but my 5 GB of audio podcasts (created since 2005) have moved to Amazon S3 thanks to the paid assistance of WPvalet. I use the PodPress plugin for WordPress along with the software program “Feed for All for Mac” for my primary podcast. Even though my actual podcast files have successfully moved to Amazon S3, I still have to update links both in individual blog posts for each podcast episode, and in my “web feed.” In this screencast I demonstrate the steps I’m having to take to migrate all my podcasts so they work from their new hosting location in the Amazon S3 cloud. Because of the demands which podcast downloading/streaming can put on a hosting account’s web server, WPengine requires customers to host those podcast files with another service. In addition to considering Amazon S3, Libsyn is another popular podcasting service to consider if you’re looking for a similar solution.

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