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Learn About Google Fusion Tables

The ability to connect information to geographic locations and display that combined data geo-spatially can be very powerful. In September 2011, I had an opportunity to learn a little about how Google Fusion Tables support geo-spatial data manipulation  in Sean Maday‘s presentation at the Google Geo-Teacher’s Institute in Lewiston, Maine. Last week at the ISTE conference in San Antonio, I learned that Bob Goeman, Paul Clark and Matt Lee had taught a half-day workshop titled, “Google Fusion Tables: Creating Interactive Maps Using Real-World Data.” Thankfully, the presentation slides from their workshop are still online/available.

Google Fusion Tables are something I definitely want to learn more about and use. Jenn Wagner told me she’s used them for years to share and display information about the different collaborative projects she helps facilitate around the world. I want to migrate the Oklahoma 1:1 Schools Map I created a few years ago in Google Maps to Google Fusion Tables, so the information can be more dynamic as well as detailed. I was blown away to learn from Scott McLeod at ISTE this year that OVER HALF the public school districts in Iowa will be 1:1 (with students taking home their mobile devices for 24/7 access) in the upcoming 2013-2014 school year. I think amplifying the schools and school leaders in Oklahoma who are leading the 1:1 learning movement is an important piece of the puzzle to both raise awareness and support for these initiatives.

Have you used or are you using Google Fusion Tables? What have you done with them? Do you know about other tutorials/resources/links which are helpful for people wanting to learn more about them?







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