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Check Out Teetsie: A GameSalad-created iPad Game

Today at breakfast in a diner in Florida, I overheard a couple near me talking about the new iPad game the husband had coded which was just was released on the Apple App Store. The game is Teetsie, and it turns out the creator (Lee Walker) has been working on it the past six months using the free mobile game development platform GameSalad.


I learned about GameSalad for the first time in 2012 at the Mobile Learning Conference, when I met Chris Thompson from Georgia Tech. Chris and his team lead summer STEM workshops for students focused on mobile game development using GameSalad and other platforms.

Teetsie is a level-based game in which you are an insect trying to gather resources scattered on a farm by a recent twister. I like how Lee used cartoons to tell the game’s story and background.




Chris still likes GameSalad best for mobile game development on the Mac, but recommends Construct 2 for Windows users.

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