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Hopscotch Challenges: A Free Curriculum eBook for iPad Coders

Update Nov 16, 2013: I’ve revised the eBook twice since publishing it last week, it’s now in version 1.2, with several new chapters and a student video demo about using Emoji keyboard icons as Hopscotch characters!

This week I started introducing my 4th and 5th grade STEM students to coding with the free iPad app, Hopscotch. I was not able to find a set of “challenges” with Hopscotch to use in my lessons, so I wrote and published a short eBook that I’ve titled, “Hopscotch Challenges.” You can download it (FREE) in ePUB format from my DropBox account. Please check it out, share feedback as comments here or on Twitter (@wfryer), and submit additional ideas for challenges to add to the eBook using the Google form I included in it.


Many thanks to Jake Heister, Gary Stager, and Joe Dale who contributed ideas I integrated into this eBook via Twitter over the weekend.

The publication of this eBook marks a few personal milestones. It is the first eBook I created entirely (with the exception of the Google form) on my iPad using the app, “Creative Book Builder.” Second, this is the first eBook I’ve ever published from 30,000 feet over the earth, thanks to the GoGo WiFi connection on my Delta airlines flight carrying me as I type this from Atlanta back to Oklahoma City.*

The publication of this free curriculum eBook to support student coding is also well timed, since “The Hour of Code” / Computer Science Education Week is coming up December 9-15, 2013. Please share #HourOfCode with your students and other teachers you know, and consider using some of the ideas in “Hopscotch Challenges” to inspire young coders where you live!

* Tuesdays are a planning day for me when I don’t teach students, so I was able to leave after school and participate in Library Camp 2013 today. It’s back to teaching Hopscotch lessons tomorrow in Yukon!



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