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Coding with Hopscotch and Visual Notes with iPads

Thursday I’m sharing two presentations at iPadPalooza in Austin, Texas. Here are the titles, descriptions, and slides for these breakout sessions. Both are hands-on workshops, however, so most of the time we’ll be exploring and playing with the apps Hopscotch and Brushes!

Coding Fun with Hopscotch for iPad

Hopscotch is a free iPad app which can be used to introduce students to basic concepts of software coding and computational thinking, since it uses a “block based” programming language similar to “Scratch software from MIT. ( In this session we’ll explore several techniques using the free 2013 eBook by Dr Wesley Fryer, “Hopscotch Challenges: Learn to Code on an iPad!” which enable students to create simple “collide games” on the iPad as well as mathematical art drawings. Learn how your students can begin developing their coding, computational thinking, and problem solving skills using Hopscotch for iPad!

Visual Notetaking with iPads

Visual notetaking is a process of representing ideas non-linguistically. (That’s a fancy of way of saying, “drawing pictures.”) Visual notetaking can include concept mapping, but also more artistic ways of visually capturing and representing ideas. On the simpler side of the visual notetaking continuum, visual notes can be used to create narrated art. On the complex end of the spectrum, some visual notetaking applications support the creation of whiteboard animation videos which include audio narration synchronized to screencasts of drawings. Visual or graphic facilitation can be used at meetings to summarize presentations and guide discussions. Whether simple or complex, visual notes can be used to more deeply process information as well as communicate it to others with images. Come join us as we explore and practice visual notetaking with iPads using the free app, Brushes.

Visual Notetaking with iPads (June 2014) from Wesley Fryer

“Tour the World – Official Music Video” on YouTube is an amazing example of a whiteboard animation video I saw Ken Shelton share at the EdTechTeam Texas Summit featuring Google Apps for Education last week in Richardson. I may play this video before my second session on visual notetaking to kick things off.

Visual Notes: YouTube in the Classroom by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Wesley Fryer 



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2 responses to “Coding with Hopscotch and Visual Notes with iPads”

  1. Mary Lee Newman Avatar
    Mary Lee Newman

    I loved the iPad Media Camp in Friendswood. I was so inspired I geeked out on ed tech for hours last night. There are so many things I am going to implement next year. Hopscotch is another app I really want to play with. Wish I could extend my Texas visit and come to Austin, too! Have fun!

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    I’m so glad you were able to join us for iPad Media Camp in Friendswood, Mary, and that you had a good experience! I really enjoyed the opportunity to co-teach with Gail, I think it was the best iPad Media Camp yet. It was fun to have just elementary teachers too. I hope you had safe travels and wish you well in the upcoming school year – Please stay in touch and let me know what you create with your students!