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Embed Twitter Widget in Dot Net Nuke (DNN) Website

Here’s my geekiest post in awhile: I figured out how to embed a Twitter widget in a Dot Net Nuke (DNN) website. The company my school district pays to host our official website uses DNN as our content management system, and it can be a little tricky to embed certain kinds of HTML code on pages.

I found this DNN forum post by Lee Sykes (@leesykes) which explains how to accomplish this:

Copy all of the code that twitter provides
Add a Text / HTML module to the page
Click Edit
Above the FCK Editor, click Basic Text Box
Underneath the FCK Editor, render mode select Raw
Paste in the code from twitter
Click on Save

These steps worked like a charm for me, and I was able to successfully embed a Twitter widget for my class Twitter account (@iesSTEM) on our official school webpage for our STEM program. I also made several other updates to the page:

  1. Adding some videos from this week of students sharing their expectations of STEM class and “What they’ve heard about STEM class”
  2. Adding links to the online application and information about our Spring 2015 Maker’s Club sessions
  3. Adding some sidebar images for our classroom YouTube account (which now has over 100 student-created videos!) and our Maker’s Club information page.

I teach 300 students each semester, and switch with our art teacher to get a new group of students after Christmas break. This was our first week of STEM together, and it’s been fun to start fresh with a new group of kids. See my post from yesterday on STEMseeds, “Group Building Design Challenge,” for more information about one of our lessons this week.

Group building design challenge by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Wesley Fryer 



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