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Strong Reactions to Today’s Note on Makeup Work

Update 4/16/2015: I emailed Rachel’s teacher and she decided to change her policy on late work and redone assignments. She is going to accept late work with a penalty and redone assignments within a reasonable time limit.

The following tweet (which I’ve archived as an image on Flickr using the free Chrome extension “Awesome Screenshot”) received a bigger response than anything I’ve shared in a long time. Our daughter had me sign this progress report after dinner tonight. Sadly I think these kinds of justifications are still common in many classrooms. I’m contacting her teacher to request that she consider changing her policy.

Laura Oakes’ screenshot, linked in her tweet, is well worth including and amplifying here as well. Hat tip to Rick Wormeli.

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  1. erinbarnes Avatar

    Such great dialog going here. Did you share the conversation?