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Podcast444: Reflections on iPad Media Camp (July 2016)

Welcome to a recorded podcast from the road with Wesley and Shelly Fryer, reflecting on the past week of iPad Media Camp workshops in Stilwell and Tulsa Oklahoma in July 2016. This is the fourth summer of iPad Media Camp workshops, which are multi-day, hands-on experiences for educators focused on using iPads to create and share media projects. For summer 2016, the curriculum for iPad Media Camps ( includes an “iPad Media Activity and Project Matrix” ( In this podcast reflection, Shelly and Wes discuss aspects of the workshops which went well and were different this year, including the use of the matrix to introduce teachers to whole-class, digital, interactive writing activities, “single-app” student projects using the SeeSaw Learning Journal, two-app projects, and more complex app smashing projects. During both iPad Media Camp workshops this week, Shelly taught other teachers how to create classroom radio shows (podcasts) using the free iOS app Opinion. Shelly facilitated a workshop participant podcast using the Opinion app after lunch in Tulsa on the first day of the workshop, and that 5 minute audio reflection is included in this podcast. Other portions of this episode were recorded using the free iOS app “Voice Record Pro.” Shelly was able to “air drop” the M4A audio audio file from the Opinion app to Wes’ iPhone, where he opened it in Voice Record Pro. All portions of the podcast were combined in the Voice Record Pro app and then saved as a video to the iOS Camera Roll. Wes uploaded the video to YouTube from the middle of rural Kansas (just south of Buffalo on US 75) thanks to available LTE cellular data coverage.  The next day, Wes added some post-production audio bumpers to the podcast using Audacity on a Mac laptop, normalized the final FLAC format exported audio file using, and published it to Amazon S3. Check the podcast shownotes for more links to iPad Media Camp curriculum and resources. If you listen to the podcast and find it useful, please reach out to Shelly (@sfryer) or Wes (@wfryer) on Twitter to let them know!


  1. iPad Media Camp information
  2. iPad Media Activity and Project Matrix (linked Google Drawing documents)
  3. Required and Recommended Apps for iPad Media Camp
  4. Curriculum wiki for the July 21-22, 2016, iPad Media Camp in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  5. Curriculum wiki for the July 18-20, 2016, iPad Media Camp in Stilwell, Oklahoma
  6. SeeSaw Learning Journal
  7. Opinion Podcasting App for iOS
  8. Voice Record Pro for iOS
  9. Show With Media: What Do You Want to CREATE Today?
  10. Listen to this episode on YouTube
  11. Shelly’s Twitter: @sfryer
  12. Shelly’s Blog:
  13. Shelly’s Classroom website:
  14. Shelly’s Classroom Podcast / Radio Show
  15. Shelly’s Classroom YouTube Channel
  16. Shelly’s Classroom Photos (Flickr)
  17. Shelly’s Educational Presentations & Handouts
  18. Wes’ Twitter: @wfryer
  19. Wes’ Blog:
  20. Wes’ YouTube channel
  21. Wes’ Weekly “EdTech Situation Room” podcast
  22. Wes’ Classroom STEM Curriculum website
  23. Wes’ Books
  24. Wes’ Presentation Handouts
  25. Wes’ personal website:

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Shelly Fryer teaching at iPad Media Camp by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
Shelly Fryer teaching at iPad Media Camp” (CC BY 2.0) by  Wesley Fryer 

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