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Video Tutorial: Virtual Office Hours with Google Hangouts Meet

With the prospect of school closures because of mandated coronavirus quarantines looming large around the world, I’m creating a series of videos to help other teachers needing to effectively teach students from home / from a distance. If you find this helpful, please let me know by sharing a comment on the original YouTube video, by reaching out on Twitter to @wfryer, by using my electronic contact form, or leaving a comment below on this post. For the description on YouTube I wrote:

Why if you’re teaching at a distance, “virtual office hours” can be valuable and how to setup a Google Hangouts Meet videoconference for your students from within Google Calendar. Free if your school uses GSuite for Education (GSFE).

The video is 14 minutes, 19 seconds long. I recorded this with Screenflow. Learn more about using Google Hangouts Meet on “Hangouts Meet training and help.”