Dr. Janet Swenson shared the keynote address on March 21st, 2006 at the SITE conference in Orlando on the topic, “Can you hear me now? Composing Connections between Classrooms and
Communities.” Dr. Swenson passionately challenged educators at all levels to engage in advocacy for children in an era where high stakes testing and federally mandated accountability measures are encouraging people to view students as data in testing graphs rather than human beings with unique needs and desires. She challenged educators to get mad and take action: to engage a variety of educational stakeholders not only with ideas about educational reform that appeal to logos (reason) but also those which appeal to pathos (emotion.) According to Dr. Swenson, we cannot look the other way, we must speak out and take action for the sake of our children, their educational present and future. Dr. Swenson also modeled innovative uses of live web streaming and keynote session blogging during her session as well.

Program Length: 57 min, 34 sec
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Podcast 21a Mar 2006(Click here to listen to this podcast)

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. If you have feedback for Janet on her ideas, you can contact her directly by emailing jswenson at msu dot edu.
  2. SITE 2006 conference blog
  3. Blog for Dr. Swenson’s SITE 2006 Keynote
  4. “The Wisdom of Crowds” by James Surowiecki
  5. SITE Early Career Mentoring Network
  6. SITE Digital Storytelling
  7. SITE Blog posts and Flickr posts

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6 Responses to Podcast42: Can you hear me now? Composing Connections between Classrooms and Communities

  1. […] One part of this fight is to meld our educational system to shape students into empathetic and creative life-long learners. Does high stakes testing do this? No. We need to produce students who can solve the big problems of our world, for the sake of humanity. (See this keynote by Dr. Janet Swenson for educational examples) Finally: David wrote that, “I continue to maintain that when we can not clearly predict our children’s future, it becomes much less important what they are learning, and much more important how they are learning it, and what they are doing with it.” […]

  2. Alex Ragone says:

    Hi Wesley,

    Thanks so much for publishing these podcasts from conferences around the country. I have young kids and can’t travel like you do, but I feel as though I have followed you around and learned with you over the past few months.


    – Alex Ragone

  3. Mark Ahlness says:

    Wesley, thanks so much for publishing this podcast – and all the others! Last night I saved the podcast, dragged it over to my little mp3 player, hooked up my earbuds as I went about the mindless but frantic 1+1/2 hours before school this morning, and had a wonderful hour listening to a dynamic, inspirational speaker! At a keynote a at a conference in Orlando!

    The technology is so easy. Any teacher in any classroom anywhere could prep for school listening to Janet Swensen, as I did today. And tomorrow, who knows? And the next day?

    Find a way to make this happen easily and seamlessly, and web 2.0 begins to make a difference to mainstream teachers.

    Now to find another good one for tomorrow… – Mark

  4. […] This post “Creating a New Frame” by Michael Guhlin will be a cornerstone of my thinking and reading in the coming months and longer. His article and the links in it resonate so much with my struggle and effort to make sense of “change making” within my K-12 community (and from a community based perspective). He received a recommendation from Dr. Janet Swenson’s to read a book called “don’t think of an elephant: know your values and frame the debate by George Lakoff” and it has set him off on trek into the social and political change arena. You can read the first 29 pages of the 129 page book on line or as a PDF download. I’ve begun the read and before finishing I had to blog this so I will keep it close to me. […]

  5. Cheryl Oakes says:

    I agree with Mark A. this podcast is excellent. I was listening during my son’s baseball game, so I had to go stand in the outer field so I could take photos and not have to be interupted by people trying to talk. She was just so eloquent making her points and at the same time trying to include as many listeners with a webcast and blog! She is inspirational. I am spreading this podcast around.
    Cheryl Oakes

  6. […] Elizabeth spoke at the SITE conference, this podcast was recorded by Wes Fryer. Her talk is visionary. I really liked her comments about the brain, at 16 min. Our brains are under utilized. We can process 500 words per minute. People talk at 150 wpm, if they are speaking quickly. We need to utilize the other 2/3 of our brain by reading blogs, writing and reflecting in blogs while we listen. Here is the link to Wes Fryer’s Moving at the Speed of Creativity. You will remember this podcast for days and weeks to come. http://www.speedofcreativity.org/2006/03/21/podcast42-can-you-hear-me-now-composing-connections-between-classrooms-and-communities/ […]

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