As my latest comment on my post “Convert WMV files to MOV free” from earlier this month indicates, it is VITAL all computer users verify the reliability and malware-free status of third-party, web-obtained computer programs they download, use, and recommend– especially when using Windows-based systems which are most prone to malware programs. I am NOT saying the latest program recommended on that post’s comment thread has malware or is bad (MelodyCan) but I am contending that I haven’t seen enough information yet to assure me the program is legitimate and worthy of recommendation.

If you have insights into these questions about MelodyCan (and are NOT affiliated/associated with the program, as the original comment recommender apparently is) please add your thoughts. :-)

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  • Paul Hamilton

    You raise an important point, Wes. Intuitively, I’ve always known that I need to run software myself before I recommend it. Maybe I’ve taken this need for granted as I work almost exclusively in a Windows environment. Your post has nudged me into making an effort to be more explicit about this on my own blog. Thanks!

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