These are my notes from the K-12 Horizon Report panel presentation at CoSN in Austin, Texas, on March 11, 2009. I’m Ustreaming this session and with connectivity as well as tripod/phone support issues I’m not able to really capture much via text.

Horizon Report: Looking for meta-trends that are affecting schools worldwide

some friends found kids would learn software skills, but not the creativity and the collaboration skills
– so these professional animators created this website to address this:


2-3 years old trends:
– Mobiles

Cloud Computing
– changing how we think of software
– not thinking we buy it and install it, and own it
– just thinking of using browser-based tools

Earth Browser: use a local interface to access an immense array of data on a server, in the cloud

School in ____ that is implanting a 1:1 project with cloud computing

Long range trends

Smart objects


TEDTalk on Siftables

real-world objects that can communicate with each other and other things out in the real world
QR codes are another example

The Personal Web
– shift from the web being a source of info to be consumed, to a place you shape

2 main takeaways
– this is a research project
– track 100-200 technologies, reducing it to 12 and then 6

audience for the report is NOT the technologists, it is everyone else

each of 6 sections follows same format

CoSN recommends “think before you ban” when it comes to web 2 sites

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