StoryPatch is a $5 iPad application designed to help students create stories. It looks very similar to StoryKit, which is a free iOS app from the International Children’s Digital Library. Instead of simply letting users add their own photos with text and audio, however, StoryPatch appears to be loaded with different icons and digital objects which students can utilize to create their own stories. According to the StoryPatch website:

Story Patch is a beautiful new application now available for the iPad that allows your children to tell stories in a fun and intuitive way. Story Patch includes hundreds of illustrations and an easy to use interface that makes storytelling a breeze for kids. If you have a child that loves being creative, take a look around and we think you will agree that Story Patch will make a great addition to your software library.

This two minute video is a demo of StoryPatch.

Hat tip to Toby Price for sharing this app via his LiveBinder, “Apps for kids with developmental delays.”
Have you used StoryPatch? If so, what are your impressions?

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4 Responses to Create iPad Stories with StoryPatch

  1. Wesley Fryer says:

    Rachel, my 7 year old, created her first story with Story Patch this morning (it’s a snow day today) and we posted it to our family learning blog:

    Story Patch lets you export a PDF version of your stories, so we used our free Posterous site connected to our WordPress blog and auto-posted it via email directly from Story Patch.

    Unlike StoryKit, Story Patch does not allow users to record their voice and add it to the story. It does provide lots of backgrounds, animals and customizable characters, however. which StoryKit does not include. Rachel included one original photo from a past family trip to the zoo as a background in her story. My next challenge for her is to take a story she’s already written (that is entirely original) and put it into Story Patch.

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks for sharing! StoryPatch looks like a great tool. Also, you should try Sam Animation which is a really easy to use stop motion animation software developed for K-12 classrooms! there’s a free demo at

    You can follow us on twitter at @icreateeducate and @samanimation

  3. Bvanrheenen says:

    Story Patch does look like a great application for children to tell stories in a fun and intuitive way. I think it would be a good application for early literacy learning. It appears to be engaging and simple to use. Although I don’t have an iPad, I know more and more schools are utilizing technology like this, and they should; it definitely looks like it will sparks a child’s imagination.

    Barbara Van Rheenen

  4. Jacob Gonyea says:

    I really like this idea for teaching students how to create stories in the classroom, especially with advances in the technological age and how students can now multi-task. The only problem is how do I gain access to iPads in the classroom…I’ve thought about writing a grant to for a few to try out in the classroom…

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