Over the Pond and Through the Fiber #2: This international skypecast features educators from Canada, Scotland, and the United States defining and discussing the new story David Warlick has challenged us to help tell with our students. We probably raised more questions than we answered, but again it was exciting as well as empowering to engage in dialog with other educators passionate about teaching and learning in the 21st century. Some of the questions we raised and answered include: How can we get a critical mass of educators convinced of the efficacy of using web 2.0 tools? What is the new story? What is the impact of flat world technology on education? Why has the impact of flat world tech not been felt much in classrooms, and why isn’t it spreading faster? Is the real question more about teaching, learning, and assessment rather than technology? Why should teachers change the way they teach students using new technologies? How can we share our successes as well as failures with others? What technologies can serve as constructive amplifiers to support effective teaching and learning practices? Why is blogging transformative? How can teachers help students experience similar excitement and engagement through their use of read/write web tools to that described by many of us in this skypecast?

Program Length: 58 min, 09 sec
File size: 14.0 MB

Podcast-c 16 Mar 2006(Click here to listen to this podcast)

Show notes for this podcast include:

    1. Telling the New Story by David Warlick
    2. Darren Kuropatwa’s blog: A Difference
    3. Darren’s classroom blog feed river (suprglu site)
    4. Ewan McIntosh’s blog: edublog
    5. Communicate.06 – Scottish CILT’s national conference
    6. Naked Conversations Blog
    7. Miguel Guhlin’s blog: Mousing Around
    8. Miguel’s pre-skype conference notes
    9. Mark Ahlness’ EdTech Blog
    10. Mighty Writers: Mark’s 3rd grade classroom blog
    11. Jeff Allen’s Olympic ESD 114 Ed Tech Blog
    12. The Big Picture Company
    13. Wesley Fryer’s blog: Moving at the Speed of Creativity
    14. Our skypecast planning and idea wiki
    15. Pre-skypecast survey results and input
    16. Worldbridges
    17. Clarence Fisher’s Class, “Excellence and Imagination”
    18. Bob Sprankle’s Class, Room 208
    19. Tony Vincent
    20. “The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century” (Thomas Friedman’s Book)
    21. Bebo
    22. MySpace
    23. MSN Spaces
    24. Queensbury High School in West Yorkshire, Scotland
    25. Class Blogmeister


  1. The MET School in Rhode Island
  2. Curriculum as Mashup (an article by David Warlick)
  3. I Love This Blog by Anne Davis (actually the post title is “A Math Weblog to Note!”)
  4. Pull vs. Push Education by Will Richardson
  5. Our first international skypecast: Thinking Critically About Web 2.0
  6. Software used for this Skypecast: Skype, Audio Hijack Pro and Audacity

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