Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Podcast203: Empowering and Protecting Tomorrow’s Digital Citizens (with Miguel Guhlin)

This podcast is a recording of a session I co-presented with Miguel Guhlin at the Southwest TechForum in Austin on November 2, 2007. Whether we’re with them or not, today’s young people are venturing into the virtual world, where they face challenges of the sort we could hardly have dreamed of a few decades ago. If we ban new technologies in schools we are not protecting our students from them; we’re simply asking them to venture into this new world alone. Just as adults must help young people learn to drive before setting them loose behind the wheel of a car, we have a responsibility to help our students and children learn how to safely navigate the virtual environments of the 21st Century. In this session we will explore how to be proactive rather than merely defensive, how to reassure community members without ignoring real dangers, and how to help students make the connections and participate in the collaborations that are crucial to digital citizenship today.

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  1. Miguel’s blog, “Around the Corner”
  2. My presentation resources and links related to internet safety, cyberbullying prevention, and safe online social networking

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2 responses to “Podcast203: Empowering and Protecting Tomorrow’s Digital Citizens (with Miguel Guhlin)”

  1. Jo Mcleay Avatar

    Hi Wes, just listening to your podcast. Would you be able to let me know somehow how I could contact the woman who is “passionate about online Literature circles”? It is a passion of mine as well.

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Sure Jo, that person is on the instructional technology staff of San Antonio ISD. If you send an email to Miguel Guhlin at mguhlin [at} gmail [dot] com, Miguel can give you her contact info.