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Manage Twitter contacts with Twitter Karma

Another learning moment regarding Twitter thanks to Sue WatersTwitter Karma is a superb tool for managing your Twitter contacts. It is web-based and lets you filter your contacts, so you can see very quickly who is following you but you are not following. You can click a contact to visit their Twitter page in a new browser window, and select checkboxes to bulk follow.

It also lets you see who you are following but is not following you. Here’s my current partial list!

Your Twitter Karma

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2 responses to “Manage Twitter contacts with Twitter Karma”

  1. AllanahK Avatar

    Twitter Karma is great. Now if Twitter could alphabetically arrange followers that would save a great deal of searching as you go trying to find the little itty bitty icon of a follower for a direct message.

  2. Dossy Shiobara Avatar

    Wesley, thanks for the great write-up on Twitter Karma!

    AllanahK, Twitter Karma can show you your contacts in alphabetically sorted order. Just click the “sort by” drop-down and select ascending or descending, your choice.