This podcast is a recorded conversation about the online game Travian recorded thanks to Skype-out VOIP technology, Call Recorder software, iPhone conference calling, and a very tech-literate ten year old Oklahoman named Alexander. Alexander, Devin Henley, and Wesley Fryer recorded this conversation from their respective locations in Edmond, Oklahoma; Wichita, Kansas; and northbound on Interstate 35 between Edmond and Wichita on Saturday, March 22, 2008. This discussion built on the ideas shared in a mid-December 2007 podcast recording about Travian, which is linked in the podcast shownotes. In this recorded conversation, participants discussed the experiences of the US Speed Server 3 ending (as the “Wonder of the World” was built to level 100), the importance of communication and courtesy in Travian diplomacy, and many of the lessons learned relating to alliances. The importance of alliances for protection, the varying ways forums are used, and an incident which amounted to “Travian terrorism” or bullying was also discussed. The conversation touched on issues relating to the founding of new villages, resource fields and the benefits of multipliers as well as a trade office, the importance of sitters, and the benefits as well as pitfalls of using an iPhone to play Travian. A wealth of lessons as well as fun await Travian players, who are engaged in an ongoing, real-time war game with thousands of others located around the world. Welcome to a much-evolved game of “Risk” in the 21st century connected infoverse: Travian! Participants hope by listening to this podcast you’ll learn more about the game Travian. If you have feedback or comments about our discussion or ideas, PLEASE leave a comment!

Show Notes:

  1. Our first podcast about playing Travian: Podcast209: A 10 year old discusses Travian, an online simulation war game
  3. Travian FAQ

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