This podcast is a recorded interview with Nancy Coggins, Marketing and Communications Director for the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, discussing the new cell phone audio tour which museum staff have made available for the past two months. The Memorial and Museum’s video podcast virtual tour has won national recognition in the past and remains available on the official website. As Nancy relates, however, many visitors to the memorial come sponataneously and may not have had a prior opportunity to download a video podcast and sync it to their iPod or iPhone. By providing a cell phone walking tour, memorial and museum staff are facilitating greater access to a richer, guided experience as visitors come to Oklahoma City. This cell phone audio tour was made possible thanks to a generous grant from the AT&T Foundation. I am enthused about the possiblities which new media initiatives like this one present not only for people who come to the memorial and museum face-to-face, but also for students and teachers in other locations who can potentially be empowered to create virtual field trips and cell phone tours about areas of local interest in their community. Many thanks to Nancy for sharing these thoughts and reflections. Links to educational curriculum and resources related to terrorism, violence prevention, and the educational outreach activities of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum are available in the podcast shownotes.

Show Notes:

  1. Official website of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum
  2. Oklahoma City National Memorial  and Museum (U.S. National Park Service site)
  3. Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum now offering cell phone tour (NewsOK – 25 July 2008)
  4. Cell phone can talk visitors through tour (NewsOK – 26 July 2008)
  5. Museums receive grants to add technology (NewsOK – 2 April 2008)
  6. Podcast241: 100K of New AT&T Foundation Grant Funding for Oklahoma Digital Storytellers, Museums and Memorials
  7. OnCellSystems (the company providing the cell phone guided tour service for the OKC Memorial and Museum)
  8. Guide by Cell – cell phone audio tours for your institution (another company considered but not selected by the OKC Memorial and Museum)
  9. AT&T Foundation
  10. Oklahoma City bombing article on WikiPedia

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