In this podcast I share 45 minutes worth of brainstorming on the subject, “Given all the resources, administrative and parental support needed, how would you imagineer the ideal K-6 classroom learning environment?” Imagineering is a term I associate with Walt Disney and Disneyland, where creative and capable individuals come together to both imagine and engineer new worlds together. Carol Anne McGuire asked me last week to share some ideas with her along these lines, and prior to our conversation later this week I did some brainstorming and created this podcast tonight to clarify some of my thoughts. In the podcast shownotes you’ll find a link to the eighteen different ideas or suggestions I offer in this recording, as well as Stephanie Sandifer’s excellent  wiki for “Designing the 21st Century Global Learning Environment.” As always I welcome your comments and feedback on the ideas of this podcast.

Show Notes:

  1. The 18 bullet points I used as an outline for this podcast
  2. Creating, Collaborating, Communicating: These “3 C’s” are the key and can be a basic focus of learning tasks, included in project rubrics
  3. Walt Disney Imagineering (from WikiPedia)
  4. Ed.VoiceThread (accountable environment for students and teachers to create VoiceThreads for school with individual accounts)
  5. Consider setting up a “Team Curiosity Blog” to which both students and teachers can post using a locally-hosted copy of WordPress. What are you curious about today? What are you wondering based on things you’ve read, seen, or heard?
  6. Create school-wide wiki as a free gold wiki for education using PBwiki (Back to School Challenge)
  7. Register your school and students for a free social networking account(s) – Now part of ThinkQuest
  8. Stephanie Sandifer’s excellent  wiki for “Designing the 21st Century Global Learning Environment”
  9. My notes from Stephanie’s facilitated session at EduBloggerCon2008 in July 2008 in San Antonio
  10. Ideal 21st century learning is not…
  11. Phil Schlechty’s excellent book “Working on the Work: An Action Plan for Teachers, Principals, and Superintendents”
  12. Habits of Mind (
  13. Camera recommendations from the StoryChasers Wiki
  14. Alfie Kohn’s book “The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing”
  15. Revisiting VoiceThread – TTT112 – 07.09.08 (Teachers Teaching Teachers podcast with VoiceThread co-founder Steve Muth discussing best practices with VoiceThread)
  16. Kevin HoneyCutt
  17. StoryChasers (main learning community website)
  18. Powerful Ingredients for Digitally Interactive Learning
  19. XTimeLine
  20. Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow Research (ACOT)

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