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Visualizing Digital Storytelling PD with Wordle

Monday and Tuesday this week I worked with other Oklahoma educators writing new curriculum for our statewide Celebrate Oklahoma Voices project. We used Google Documents, Google Sites, our Ning social network, MyWebspiration and Chatzy as our primary tools and platforms for this curriculum writing time. We shared our agenda, notes, and Chatzy log as a public Google Document following our work days.

One of my favorite activities during the workshop was using Wordle to create a visual word cloud of our 2.5 day workshop agenda. To create this I simply copied all the text from our agenda (in Google Docs) and pasted it into Wordle. This was the result.

Wordle - Celebrate Oklahoma Voices Workshop Agenda

During our two days of curriculum writing, we brainstormed and organized a “scope and sequence” of mini-lessons for digital storytelling, based on the model of COV. This is a Wordle of our scope and sequence.

Wordle - COV Mini-Lesson Scope and Sequence

There are not as many patterns in this second Wordle as there are for our agenda above. I like seeing this visual representation of the key words in these documents.

We created new groups in our learning community which we are going to ask new participants to join, and contribute student videos following their workshop experience. These groups are:

  1. Every Place Has a Story
  2. Life Stories of Incredible People
  3. Veteran Stories
  4. Arts and Culture
  5. Public Service Announcements
  6. Service Learning Activities

We also created ten “video discussion instigators” which are mini-lessons for videos in our project library. These VDIs include summary info about each video, as well as Oklahoma state educational standard alignments, recommended grade levels, pre-viewing questions and post-viewing questions. Suggested extension activities are also included.

These curriculum materials are just in their formative stages but I think we made some great progress in two days of work. 🙂

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3 responses to “Visualizing Digital Storytelling PD with Wordle”

  1. Teachers' Guide Science Fair Projects Avatar

    Digital technology really is making customizing education programs a lot easier to do. However, teachers still need to rely on printed materials and resources that are designed for engaging students.

  2. Kathleentilly Avatar

    I really love the wordles that you created. I am preparing a digital storytelling presentation for teachers in Toronto and I was hoping I could use show the second wordle. 
    Please let me know if this is possible. 

  3. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Yes, by all means please use them with attribution! 🙂