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WordPress 2.9 adds image editing and video embedding via oEmbed

I learned this evening the latest version of WordPress (2.9) has added several exciting features, including built-in image editing (including cropping and image rotation) as well as video embedding from many popular video sharing websites using the oEmbed standard. I’m also enthused WordPress will now automatically check for plugin-in compatibility when upgrading plug-ins. Plug-in conflicts can be a real headache, and this new feature should be a BIG help to those WordPress users (like yours truly) who use a large number of plug-ins.

I’m eager to give this version a try… I’ve been a bit slow to update my blogs from 2.8.4. These new features will, I predict, give me more motivation to get those WordPress blogs upgraded! 🙂

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One response to “WordPress 2.9 adds image editing and video embedding via oEmbed”

  1. Will Avatar

    These updates come so fast know one can keep up. If you run multiple blogs then its even worse. I have wp blogs that haven’t been updated in 2 years. I spend time posting on them that’s it. I don’t know sometimes? I update some blogs asap and others I blow off. It must be the ugly step child syndrome.