In bygone days of sailing on the open seas, a “smoking lamp” was lit to let sailors know when it was OK to smoke on their wooden ships. Today at ESSDACK in Hutchinson, Kansas, the “blogging light” tells staff members when it’s time to get creative and start blogging.

The ESSDACK Blogging Light

Kevin Honeycutt shared a bit about the ESSDACK blogging light last week when I came up for a visit.

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2 Responses to Get creative when the blogging light is lit

  1. Wesly, sorry I missed you while you were at essdack! At ESSDACK we are working really hard to extend our digital reach. So the flashing red light lets people know that it’s okay to engage in social media as part of their workday. For most of us it centers around blogging activity, but for others who are just becoming familiar with their own digital reach, it may be learning how to access pictures of their grandkids on Facebook.

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Steve: I’m sorry to have missed you as well. It was great to catch up on some of the things going on at ESSDACK and spend time brainstorming with Kevin.

    I think it is great ESSDACK gives employees permission to blog and encourages social media use. This is a HUGE step in the right direction which many organizational leaders have not done.

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