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PollEverywhere supports poll grouping

Electronic polling websites can by utilized in a variety of creative as well as mundane ways. One way I’m using them in my Technology 4 Teachers course at the University of Central Oklahoma this semester is to take daily attendance. This functionality may have been available for awhile, but I just noticed this evening that PollEverywhere (which lets users create polls including up to 30 respondents each for free) now permits “grouping” of polls. This is nice, since I can move all my T4T-related polls into a single category. lets you "group" polls

After you’ve grouped some polls and renamed the group as desired, click on the vertical arrows to the left of each poll and move it (if desired) into a group or different group.

Joyce Valenza has a wealth of polling tools and options listed in her “New Tools” workshop wiki. See my January 21, 2010, post, “Taking class attendance with cell phone SMS messages and PollEverywhere,” for more background on this topic.

Full disclosure: I’m not affiliated with PollEverywhere. As described in my blog disclosure policy, I have been given a free “Presenter” level account by PollEverywhere which I use frequently here on my blog and in conference keynotes/presentations.

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2 responses to “PollEverywhere supports poll grouping”

  1. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Wow. I also noticed after creating a poll group, you can click to select SURVEY VIEW next to the group’s name. This is a way you can provide a link to others so they can complete multiple surveys in a row. Nice.

  2. Ryan Collins Avatar

    And they added the ability to change a group to an event. Respondents enter a 5 digit code to start the event, and then each poll as a shorter response code, starting at 1. Makes it a lot easier for people to vote.