Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Podcast341: Discussing Fan Fiction, Harry Potter Stories, and InstaPaper for the iPod Touch

This podcast from the road features an interview with 12 year old Alexander, who discusses his extensive use of the website FanFiction to read imaginative book chapters written by other people around the world based on characters from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series. In the past year, Alexander has read approximately eight different books written by authors publishing on With almost half a million Harry Potter related stories on FanFiction now, it is important to use advanced search query / filtering techniques to find stories you want to read. Alexander discusses how he uses FanFiction, tips for searching for books, and how he uses the free version of the iPod Touch application InstaPaper to create mobile-optimized, offline versions of FanFiction book chapters he is reading. This enables him to read FanFiction book chapters even when he is offline / not connected to a WiFi hotspot. InstaPaper is also beneficial because it optimizes the text size and reading experience for saved webpages, making the saved webpage function similarly to an eBook on the Kindle for iPhone application.

Show Notes:

  1. FanFiction
  2. Alexander’s FanFiction favorites
  3. InstaPaper (for the iPod Touch and iPhone)

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