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Podcast346: Discussing Digital Literacy with Educators in the New Literacies Collaborative

This podcast is a recording of a Ustream presentation by Wesley Fryer on 16 April 2010 to educators at North Carolina State in the New Literacies Collaborative. We used a Google Moderator Topic Series to solicit questions for this open forum. Tablet technologies, 1 to 1 laptop initiatives, digital literacy, and helping students improve their critical thinking skills by making the shift from media consumer to media prosumer. Some of the questions addressed were: Will tablet technologies transform the predominant ways people use technology to work and communicate, or is it a passing fad? Mis-information seems to be at an all time high in our political world. How can we help students become good consumers of information, well informed citizens? How are disciplines affected by digital or new literacies? Do tablet technologies have a significant advantage over smart phone technologies for educators? How do you see literacy changing in the schools your work with? How is 1:1 changing how we define literacy? and for that matter how do you define literacy and the new literacies? How much of a limitation to 1 to 1 in education is the lack of flash on the iPad? I’ve used Flash based online resources extensively with my students.

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Show Notes:

  1. This presentation in flash video format on
  2. Video Presentation on (Flash format)
  3. This presentation in m4v (iPod compatible) video format from
  4. Google Moderator Series on Digital Literacy
  5. One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Project
  6. OLPC Tablet Protype for 2012
  7. Sugar on a Stick
  8. Linux on Netbooks by Jim Klein
  9. Partial chat transcript from this Ustream presentation
  10. Open Educational Resources (OER) – Iowa 1:1 Institute (podcast, SlideShare and Google Presentation)
  11. Technology Trends in Higher Education -April 2010 (podcast, SlideShare and Google Presentation)
  12. Powerful Ingredients 4 Blended Learning wiki
  13. Technology 4 Teachers Undergraduate Course (Spring 2010 – University of Central Oklahoma)
  14. We all can learn a great deal from a great kindergarten teacher (blog post about kindergarten teacher Maria Knee, her students and classroom)
  15. Media Education Lab at Temple University
  16. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices Learning Community (>550 videos)
  17. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices Project Wiki
  18. Storychasers
  19. Wesley Fryer on Twitter

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