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Dropped iPad


Damage from my iPad drop

Fortunately this drop resulted in minor damage to this corner of my iPad and the upper left corner. No screen damage, no functional damage.

It is also fortunate I was the one in our family to drop it, I am guessing one of my kids (who also use it constantly at home) would be more upset than I was. I had the iPad in my padded “Incase” case, but it wasn’t zipped closed and it slid out as I got in the car this morning.

Lesson learned: Always have the iPad in its case whenever transporting it, and make sure the case is zipped closed!

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15 responses to “Dropped iPad”

  1. Cindy Lane Avatar

    So now your ipad has it’s own unique tatoo!! Thank goodness it only bruised the corner of your baby!

  2. Steve Ransom Avatar

    With the high portability of such devices that can get seriously damaged from a drop, I wonder what kind of protective casing would be required to keep them alive in the classroom. They will get dropped.

  3. Brian Avatar

    Bummer. You may be able to smooth that out with varying grades of wet sanding.

  4. John Rundag Avatar

    Nothing will protect them from being dropped. Does AppleCare include damage from being dropped?

  5. Carol Avatar

    I have mine in a street skin by hard candy and couldn’t feel safer, so glad I bought it!

    When taking It out of the house I just drop it in my purse. I never have to worry about it, it’s always in the street skin……..

  6. Brad Hicks Avatar
    Brad Hicks

    Check out this great site Wes –

  7. Jason Pereira Avatar
    Jason Pereira

    scratches are very normal when you bought something new. its just that it is very visible since it is still new to you, but then i will be lessen as time pass by. its a lesson learn.

  8. Computer Accessories Avatar
    Computer Accessories

    OH NO…I bet you are gutted and so soon after you have had it too.I guess at least it was only the corner and not the screen!!

  9. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Brad: Thanks SO much for the link to Gelaskins! I just ordered one for my iPad.

  10. Steve Ransom Avatar

    If this case weren’t so expensive… seems very rugged.

    By the way, this site offers a wonderful interface to tons of iPad cases… designed by two high school age students:

  11. Debbe Avatar

    Note to self…don’t buy an iPad until they make one with a handle. 🙂 My next laptop will be a Panasonic Toughbook. As you age, it gets harder to hold on to things…

  12. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Well, I’m not sure tablets will come with handles…. I remember the old clamshell iBook G3s… those were ideal with their handles and size. I think a rubberized case might help… I thought a “gelaskin” would provide this protection, but it doesn’t. I ordered one and love it, but it wouldn’t have helped prevent the damage I sustained from this drop if it has been on.

    If you have the money in your budget to buy an iPad I’d go for it… It really is a transformative device. The weight alone at 1.5 lbs is amazing, relative to my laptop. It serves as a laptop replacement for many contexts now, and it’s only going to get better / more powerful with time.

  13. iPad Case Avatar

    Ouch. That really hurts. You should get an iPad case. Try looking for some here: They blog about iPad cases daily with the intention of helping iPad users find the right case.

  14. Drew Avatar

    I dropped mine too. It had similar damage. I realized that my Amex card had accidental damage insurance on purchase, so called them and they were going to cover the cost to have it fixed/repleaced, but when I took it to my local apple store they just replaced it! I was very surprised as it was my own fault and clearly not a warranty issue!

  15. Koomazu Avatar

    i got the same situation like your case. i’m just wondering that if that small aperture between screen and case (between black and silver color in your photo) can make any problem in the future use?