This is a reflective article about passion, unschooling, and the value of routinely engaging in creative expression. What Kate says about repetition and skill development is true for students inside and outside of formal schools. From “Educating Innovatively WITHOUT School” by Kate Mende-Fridkis:

“There were some textbooks along the way. Maybe two. I was supposed to complete a certain amount of lessons a week from them. I did a lot of them on Fridays, when I remembered. I remember reading all the time. And writing all the time. And painting. And playing music. I did these things because I loved them. I loved them in a way that I sometimes think people have forgotten they can be loved by children and young adults. Because these activities weren’t school, or work, or homework, or a requirement. They were me. And when you love something enough to do it constantly, it will always lead to other things, and you will always get better at it.”


Educating Innovatively WITHOUT School

Editor’s note: (from the originally quoted post)  This is the first in what I hope will be future guest posts by Kate Mende-Fridkis. Kate shares with innovative educators the perspective of a student who never attended a traditional K-12 setting. As she shares in her blog on the topic, she liked it

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